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The Future Years

Income for Life Strategies

The Future Years specializes in retirement income strategies and planning for a predictable, reliable and sustainable lifetime Income.

No one teaches you how to retire or how to do it with your best interest in mind.  The Future Years fills that gap.  We utilize a variety of income planning tools to educate you on where you are now, identify any gaps and then look at all the options so you know and feel secure that you will have guaranteed income throughout your retirement years.  Just building your nest egg is not enough.  You need to know what to do with your nest egg to maximize it and make it last as a steady income for the rest of your life.  

 If you’re relying on Social Security you need to get educated on how to maximize it and you need to do it before you initiate it.  You should also investigate if there are options you are not aware of that can add to your retirement income.  

You also want to consider will there be enough money for whatever gives you quality of life?  What if there is a medical crisis?  If not sure if you’ll have enough money for these things you can learn what your options might be.  Don’t have a pension and want one?  We can teach you how you can set up a plan that’s just like having one.  The sooner you educate yourself the more prepared you will be and the better you can maximize whatever your individual options are.  The Future Years will educate you and help you plan your retirement with your goals in mind.

Most of us look forward to retirement but Free time costs money! Don’t outlive yours.  Be prepared.

Lynn Socci

Learn About Lynn

Lynn joined the insurance services industry after gaining valuable experience in physical rehabilitation and long term care. For over 8 years of that time she worked as the Director of Rehabilitation helping people and their families following major injuries and illness. Many times she had to sit down with families who were not prepared for the financial and physical effects of these events. Unfortunately adding to the stress of an already challenging situation. Lynn is now in a unique position to educate and provide services to help people prepare and avoid being in that situation by planning ahead. 

Being a single mom with three daughters, one with special needs Lynn is also acutely aware of the unique challenges women face especially when it comes to taking care of themselves and preparing for their future. She enjoys teaching and showing women how they can retire with the security of knowing they will have an income that takes care of them.

Richard Donato

Learn About Richard

Richard is a 1986 graduate of the NYU School of Business with a degree in Finance and International Business. Upon graduation Richard tried his hand at small business. Over his 30-year career he has owned and run several small businesses some of which he still owns today. It is this experience that makes him uniquely qualified to help educate others in planning for retirement. He found himself in a position of being successful in business but not addressing the issues regarding retirement planning. It was through this journey into his own exploration for knowledge that he realized how much he had help others with the same challenges. He became licensed to sell Life Insurance and annuity products. With his financial education, his 30-year business experience and his wanting to help others, he started The Future Years Inc. with his partner Lynn Socci. Together they are educating others about planning for their retirement. Richard is excited to educate people in how they can retire stress free with the correct annuity or life insurance product to create income for life based on their individual needs. 

Richard is a single father of two boys 8 and 11 residing in Towaco New Jersey