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Resources for Case Managers & LTC Facilities

We provide a unique service: our goal is to achieve the best outcome for both the facility and the patient. We ensure the facility gets paid (in many cases even during the Medicaid pending period) for the care that they provide. Furthermore, with our help the family can maintain some assets to enhance quality of life in the community.

Medicaid pending cases put a huge strain on your financial resources - but it doesn't have to be that way.

We work with many facilities and case managers, helping to alleviate the following problems:

  • Overwhelmed families who need to apply for Medicaid but don’t know where to start - we are there from eligibility assessment, to overcoming barriers, applying, and all the way through to benefits. 
  • Hesitant families that are concerned about applying for Medicaid because they don’t want to risk spending “all” of their money - we review everything with the family including what assets are counted and which are not.  We show them that they can preserve assets and not be financially devastated so that their love one can receive the care they need.
  • Payment being stalled because patients have assets that are not liquid and are preventing them from getting Medicaid - we can assist residents with these assets by rearranging them, helping them spend down for Medicaid, and keeping a constant pay source for the nursing home while in process.
  • Penalty periods - most Medicaid applicants who incur a penalty period are unable to offer the full pay rates while they await benefits.  However, in some circumstances we can work with the family to utilize Medicaid compliant strategies to cover payment during that time.
  • Too many Medicaid pending cases or denials, causing a lack of revenue for the facility

We know all the steps involved in the application process and how to handle the tough eligibility criteria. With a much higher success rate compared to our competitors, we can help your patients get accepted onto Medicaid, saving them - and you - from a large financial burden.

During a very traumatic time for families and patients, our service gives them priceless peace of mind. Medicaid is daunting. Help your patients get the support they need to make applying for Medicaid a faster, easier process, and reap the immense financial benefits. 

We look forward to partnering with you for better and faster Medicaid outcomes.  We are unique in that we are working to achieve the best outcome for both the facility and the patient/family.  We want to make sure the facility gets paid for the care they give, and that the family can maintain some assets to have quality of life in the community.