Crisis Long-Term Care Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Crisis Planning occurs when an individual requires home care, is in a nursing home, or will require a nursing home soon and is looking to qualify for Medicaid while protecting their retirement assets. 

Medicaid has a 5-year lookback on asset transfers, but with careful planning it’s still possible to protect many assets from the “spenddown” even after an individual has entered a nursing home.  Our team is dedicated to helping you protect your assets. We provide guidance to help you file for Medicaid and keep the maximum amount of allowable assets.  

We know that the process can often feel overwhelming and the future can seem uncertain, soIf you have questions about you or your loved one qualifying for Medicaid without spending all your savings first call us for a free consultation.  We will provide the following:

  • free consultation to explain and discuss Medicaid Long-Term Care, answer questions, and determine Medicaid eligibility.
  • comprehensive review of your loved one’s assets, how to best protect them, and how Medicaid could assist in these efforts.
  • Case management on your behalf throughout the entire process, including filing the Medicaid application, submitting supporting documentation, and communicating with the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Based on the information you provide, our team of experts works together to create a comprehensive, immediate plan of action that will give you the peace of mind you need and give your loved one the care and security they deserve.